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January 29, 2004     Cuba Free Press
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January 29, 2004

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4A January 29, 2004 Opinion The Cuba Free Press We may be headed backwards when it comes to jail costs We had heard nothing, nor had we been approached by Sheriff Al Englebrecht prior to Judge Seay handing us a court order signed by him and Judge Price ordering the County Commission to give deputies salary increases of $78,856 a year, and to hire two more deputies, one more bailiff, and one assistant administrator which was requested by Sheriff Englebrecht. The increase will be about $160,000 a year, along with the Sheriffs request for a $1,427,744 Jail budget and a Sheriffs budget of $489,743 per year. This is an increase of $730,831.00 a year in the Jail and a $47,738.00 increase in the Sheriff's budgetma total cost of $1,917,487 a year. The one-half cent jail tax is estimated to be $800,000 a year. This means the remainder of $627,000 will have to come from General Revenue. Boarding our average of 40 Guest it prisoners in other Columnist i] counties for $35 day t;ii  would (have) cost / Presiding $511,000 a year, plus Commissioner [, ] transportation and Ed Worley medical. The timing came at a bad time when we were starting on budgets that have to be into the state by January 30. Now we will have to do the Jail and Sheriff's budgets first to see what is left for other county offices. Just as we were getting over the hump by paying off $265,000 in jail bills for boarding prisoners in other counties for 2001 and 2002, it looks like we may start backwards. We still owe $36,000 in Pulaski County and $42,000 in Miller County that we agreed to pay by May 1. Also, we have a $200;000 Bank Note for jail 'blls in 2002 and a $50,000 Bank Note from 1998. In a recent letter from Sheriff Englebrecht, he stated if we didn't take advantage of the fig- ures that he presented and if we let politics, preferences, campaign promises or prejudices interfere, we would still have the debt and that we would be doing a disservice to the people of Crawford County. Well, we have had figures presented to us ranging from $629,000 to $1,427,744.60 in the last six months. Will this pay the debt? Stirrin' the Pot By Bob Wilson "Onto New Hampshire, Oregon, Washington, California, South Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, North Carolina, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Idaho, North Dakota, Alabama, South Dakota, Indiana, Florida, Kentucky, New Mexico, and the worldf!" Detectors can LETTER TO THE EDITOR I am the mother and grandmother of Harry "Sam" Putnam, 34 years; Samuel R.J. Putnam, 11 years; Matthew Putnam, 10; also Jacob Putnam, nine years; Debra Putnam, 30. My son and his two oldest sons died of carbon monoxide poisoning just after a few days of moving into a trailer here in Cuba, Lakewood Court. Debra and Jacob have barely survived. I want to bring to the attention of all officials if carbon monoxide detectors were in that trailer they would be alive today instead of a dark grave. Also I wish to thank all the people who helped-from police, ambulance, ARCH, hospitals, fire investigators and all who have donated to help us bury our family. There was no insurance. We need to pass a law into ordinance for this detector. Linda Heflin Cuba Jamie's story LETTER TO THE EDITOR My friend, Jamie Dennis, was found dead last week. A victim of her lifestyle, surely; but also a victim of stupidity, most definitely. I had known Jamie for about five years now. Our mutual friend Brandy had intro- duced us at my work one night. I met a beautiful, full of life, promising young lady with two beautiful boys, which I met later on. That all changed soon after she moved to Crawford County. Jamie was no angel by any means, and soon had lost sight of whatwas important in her life simply by the choices she made. Anything ,that would take her out of the pains of reality she would put into her body. I knew this because she would tell me, as we became good friends. Her father wasn't around and her mother was dealing with her own problems in life, so Jamie turned to the new found friend in her early teenage years, drugs. Tragedy struck Jamie's young life four years ago when she lost her two boys in a fire and nearly lost her morn too. She vowed to straighten her life up after that, only to come to the boys, memorial service strung out on meth. She told me after the service that a "friend" had hooked her up just a few hours prior, so that she could cope with the day. There was no doubt in my mind and hers that she was an addict. Jamie moved from the area, serving some time in and out of jail and rehab centers, still vowing to me that she would turn her life around. Over the past couple of years we've kept in touch and she's shared pictures and sto- ries of her two new twins that are two years old now. Recently Jamie had moved back to this area. Once again, I saw her on a down- ward spiral out of control. I urged her again to get off the "stuff' that she was still obviously very addicted to. Long story short! My friend Jamie is gone. She's dead! For all you dirt bags that claim to be her friend, yet supplied her with the means to get "cranked up" and ultimately led to her premature death, she's not coming back! Maybe this is a wake-up call for you. Her death should be a wake-up call for all of us! I have many friends, some of which shared the same habits as Jamie had. I urge you guys to quit stumbling through life unconsciously day by day and get a grip on reality. If you need help, get it. I also urge the "citizens" of this drug infest- ed area to take a stand. If you see some- thing "not quite right" then do something about it. If you feel you can't then tell someone who will. Let's not let my friend Jamie's death be in vain. P.S. Here's Mr. Carr's late Christmas present on his petty attempt to be humor- ous about "recreational drugs." I would best define recreational drugs as: any sub- Your Thoughts stance p,u_t into your body by means as to slip away feolh reality for a short period of time, not allowing it to affect your every- day professional lives. Kinda' like social drinking. You've all heard of that I hope?! Nevertheless drugs are drugs and booze is booze. We've all heard what they could do. Now we know first hand what they can and did do to one of our own. One more thing if I may. I was honored to be one of the six gentlemen to help lay Jamie's body to its final resting place. But a few things bothered me. One was the fact that I didn't see any of her so-called friends there, to pay their respects. The other was the fact that the father of the twins wasn't allowed, for whatever rea- sons. The family may try to blame him, but they don't need to look any further than their own bathroom mirror. We all failed Jamie. No one and everyone is to blame. Life's lessons learned! Welcome back home Jamie. This is Jamie Dennis' story. Read it, embrace it, learn from it, and don't forget it. Respectfully, John Ransom Cuba Crossed the line LETTER TO THE EDITOR There have been many times over the years that I have disagreed with an article or photo that your paper has seen fit to put into print, but I also believe in freedom of the press. Therefore, I have never felt compelled to voice my opinions in your edi- up to her death, she was a human the less. She was a mother, a sister, not a trophy buck on your page. I truly feel that you, Mr. your whole staff owe this family in ing and the whole community a and heartfelt apology. Thank you, Jodi Very poor taste LETTER TO THE EDITOR I feel your front page picture of a found along Brush Creek" with gawking men standing around poor taste. What if she had been daughter? Odd that this .picture was placed below the article "Judges order increases" for entire sheriff's de Maybe an increase in education be better than an increase in pay this picture shows one of the most taminated (possible crime) scenes nable. Sensationalism LETTER TO THE EDITOR I am an infrequent reader of your as I live in St. James. However, this I was quite disturbed by the picture on front page accompanying the article CAN'T-- 1 GOTTA BE SURe TH'GROUNDHO0 lYUZN'T Sl HIS SHADOW... torial forum. On the other hand though, I feel there are certain lines that should not be crossed in the name of freedom. The photo your paper so irresponsibly decided to print last week, of the young woman lying dead in a creek, in my opin- ion, crossed that line in more ways than one. The most disturbing of those reasons being the complete lack of compassion for this woman's family. As if tragically losing a loved one wasn't enough for this family to deal with, your publication cold heart- edly made sure that not only her grief stricken family, but the whole county, could see the sad and lonely way she died. Another reason I feel this photo was extremely inappropriate is because this newspaper is not only read by adults, but it is also read by elementary students in their classrooms at Cuba Elementary School. Promoting reading and studying current events by exposing them to differ- ent forms of media is a wonderful thing. That is until our children are allowed to view a picture of a dead woman, and in my son's case, a woman he knew personally. Your paper just took away my paternal right to decide whether my nine-year-old child was emotionally mature enough to view something of this nature. Regardless of the way this young woman lived her life or her actions leading young lady found earlier this week. I appreciate the fact that you've capture the area where the victim was ( covered. However, I truly think it's that her body is in the picture. Her friends and family read this and how horrible it must be for see her like this. Other than sere, ism, there is no reason for it. Shane you for making this tragedy Beth St. Totally disgusting LETTER TO THE EDITOR As a long time subscriber to the Free Press, I find it totally disgusting way this paper allowed the the young woman's body that was off Four Mile Road, north of Cuba, published in last week's paper. To me, this shows no respect for young woman's family or her Mr. Rob Viehman, "Sir, I hope you find yourself in the position of this family." Then, to make things even more gusting, is the way our law officers bystanders are gawking at the body,: vultures. My God, couldn't you have at ered her up. Gene A. CUBA FREE PRESS I !0 SOUTH BUCHANAN CUBA, MISSOURI 65453 PHONE 573-885-7460 Publisher & Editor ROB VIEHMAN Circulation JANICE RANSOM Advertising SANDY MORICE Printing RUSS NEW Post Office Publication No. 565-180 January 29, 2004 m Volume 44 Number 36 Cuba Free Press www.cubafreepress, corn Address all communications in care of the Cuba Free Press, P.O. Box 568. Periodical Class Postage paid at Cuba, Missouri. Published weekly each Thursday morning at Cuba, Mo. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CUBA FREE PRESS, P.O. Box 568, Cuba, MO 65453. SUBSCRIPTION RATES CRAWFORD CO. NISSOURI OTHER Single Copy Price 7O +5tax 75 2 years $54.00 2 years. $72.00 2 years Tax 4.04 Tax 5.38 Ieay $58.04] [Pay $77.38 I I year $30.00 I year $40.00 I year Tax 2.24 Tax 2.99 I Pay $32.241 I Pay $42.991