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February 5, 2004     Cuba Free Press
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February 5, 2004

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4A Opinion February 5, 2004 The Cuba Free Press It would have been much cheaper not to have a county jail Now that the budget has been set for the first full year of operation for the new Crawford County Jail, the picture painted to voters about how much money it was going to save us is looking more like a Monet than a da Vinci. In other words, it's pretty fuzzy? For 2004, the budget for the jail has been set at a little more than $1.3 million. It should be noted that amount includes debt service on the bonds which were sold to finance the project. If you remember, we passed a one-half cent sales tax ;hich was supposed to not only be used to pay off , the jail, but also provide enough money to operate :it. With about $800,000 a year coming in from that itax, we've now fallen $500,000 short of that prom- iise--and this is just year number one. : In order to make up !for that shortfall, the Just :county commission was Thinking iforced to transfer ;$530,000 out of the Rob ;county's general rev- Viehman :enue fund to balance ithe jail budget this iyear. This year's general revenue budget was set at ! ,2.58 million. After taking away that $530,000 for :.the jail, along with another $435,000 to run the :sheriff's department in 2004, the county is left with ust over $2 million to run every office not associ- ated with law enforcement. The sheriff and jail ibudgets combined now total $1.77 million. :: The jail budget has been increasing almost expo- :nentially since 1999 when it totaled just $296,000. *The budget went to $305,000 in 2000, $562,000 in 2001 and $431,000 in 2002. (In some of those years the county didn't pay some out-of-county prisoner iboarding bills, which held down actual costs.) Then in 2003, total expenditures jumped to $1.13 mil- lion. And for 2004, expenses will be $1.3 million. " Currently, the county's jail fund has nearly 435,000 of cash available, and a projected $490,000 balance at year's end, which would have .been completly erased without the $530,000 gener- al fund transfer this year. " So how much would we be paying other counties to house our prisoners if we hadn't built the jail? iven the average daily population of 40 prisoners at $40 per day (the county is planning to charge .35 per day when it begins taling in out-of-county prisoners), it would have cost $584,000 to house .[hem elsewhere. Add another $60,000 for two ransport officers and $50,000 in vehicle and trans- portation costs and you're still under $700,000 per ,ear. That's $600,000 a year less than it is going to lost us now? e : Hindsight is indeed 20-20, but even Monet would have been able to see that this doesn't add up! m w | 0 i Stirrin' the Pot By Bob Wilson Super Bowl or super boob? Your Thoughts- Snow job LETTER TO THE EDITOR I have noticed that when someone works for the city they plow their own driveways, but when someone else calls and ask them to remove snow from in front of their driveway they tell you, "We don't plow private driveways." In all this bad weather the city boys plowed Oak Hill Ave., which is behind Mobil, blocking the driveway entrances to Rutz Trailer Court. Not everyone who lives in Rutz Trailer Court had a car that can make it over two feet of snow. When I called and asked them to plow the two feet of snow out of the way they simply said, "We don't plow private drive- ways." They did send a city truck to come over and run through it a few times but it didn't help at all. I also asked them the next time they plow this street if they could push the snow somewhere else instead of blocking the entrances. They said to me, "I'm sorry that is not our job." Isn't their job to clear the streets? How is that clearing the streets when they are block- ing driveways? I noticed that they made sure not to pile snow in front of the Bank of Sullivan in Cuba's drive thru entrance. In writing this letter to the editor I am hoping to open the "city boys' eyes to this, but also solve this problem. Thanks, Danielle Griffin Cuba Response to P.S. LETTER TO THE EDITOR In response to John Ransom's letter (CFP January 29), I'm with you. I see where you're coming from. But my "petty attempt" was intended as a legitimate question. In fact, the same can be said of alcohol (social drinking), your words, when does one cross the line be it social or recreational? Again, I agree that Jamie's story is a tragic one. Too often repeated across our country. I could go into a long diatribe on drugs and alcohol, but enough said. When I came into the picture, this had started over a concert held at one of the local parks. Drugs/alcohol involved and apparent "treatment" of participants. I guess my ultimate question is why do the young people of today have such a strong need to "get away from it all?" Budd Carr Cuba More chicken info LETTER TO THE EDITOR In response to your Sexy Chicken head- line and the letter written in by some une- ducated man in New Jersey. Here is a lit- tle boy who politely answered the roving reporters plea for Dear Santa letters. He had put many days into raising his baby chicks. Those chicks had reached maturity and he thought it would be bet- ter than anything else to get a rooster for Christmas so that his hens could lay eggs. Sounds like a an awesome request to me. Then along comes someone who proba- bly has never seen a chicken before. He sees that a young boy has asked for a sex- link chicken. Instead of finding out what it is he asks the entire community of Cuba "Is this Child Safe?" in a letter to the edi- "'" tor.  Please tell this sick minded man from New Jersey that this is an extraordinary boy who got his rooster for Christmas and the next time he eats eggs for breakfast to be careful, they might have come from a sex-link chicken. Suzanna Embry Cuba Share your views... Get it straight LETTER TO THE EDITOR I would like to answer the parties that wrote letters critical of the Sheriff's Department and other personnel who were at the scene where Ms. Dennis' body was recovered. I can understand how someone who is not familiar with a situation like this might assume that the scene was being "contaminated" and that bystanders were "gawking" at the body. I would like to assure them that every- one seen in the front page photo of the yellow police tape was placed around area to protect the scene and keep thorized persons away. The photo was taken from the road behind tape. I believe the camera lens that used causes the persons to appear to the body than they actually were. Tim Det. Sgt. Neither rain, nor... LETTER TO THE EDITOR I live at Cuba Retirement Homes Cuba where there are nine buildings apartments), an apartment on each side the building. To deliver mail at each ment the mailperson has to go each building, up and down hills, jump over a little "creek" and some steps. They never fail to deliver our mail. I know they get paid for it but money buy everything. Our mailpersons are WHAT COULD B4 WOIISI FOR THI ICONOANY THAN TAX AH" SF00NI>? HOW "BOUT TAXCUT--AN" SPEND??? www.bc.'r yscar AS TH' PlZI=ICIT PICKS UP STEAM, SO POIZS TH' LOCAL C&FIZ... newspaper had a necessary part in the investigation. Two officers from the Cuba Police Department were there because Cuba offices had been involved in a pursuit of Ms. Dennis two evenings earlier and, later that same evening, the car she was driv- ing was found in a ditch in close proximity to where the body was located. Two other persons in the photo were the Crawford County Coroner, Mr. Hutson, and an assistant of his. The other persons seen in the photo were the deputy who got the original call, the Chief Deputy, and two Sheriff's detectives, one of which is not seen in the photo. That is because that was me. Actually the reason it appears that these persons were standing around is because they were waiting for me to return from getting a camera from the trunk of my car, which was parked some 80 feet away on the road, to photography the scene. I would like to assure all that the integrity of the scene was maintained. I would also like to say that in all the years I have been an investigator I have never seen anyone who showed anything other than compassion and professional- ism at a scene like this. And this was treated as a possible crime scene pending further investigation. One other thing I might add is that a The Free Press welcomes comments and suggestions from our read- ers and will consider for publication any letter or article submitted. To be published, letters must be signed and include an address and day- time phone number. The publication of any letter or article does not necessarily reflect the opinion of this newspaper. We reserve the right to edit any letter or reject any letter or article submitted. Letters should be 200 words, or less. cient, hard working, concerned, personable. Last Monday, January 26, I amazed when the mail and at the regular time. It was ing cold and the ground was a giant slab! ice! He was speed walking I do believe. you see them when they deliver they always have a kind word and a Cuba, let them know you them. Barbara Get wbat you LETTER TO THE EDITOR I wanted to say that I too was by Jamie Dennis' lifeless body on the page of the newspaper. I agree that shouldn't have been printed. However, I don't agree with the of the "gawking" Sheriffs Departmerlt.' the Sheriffs Department would have ered the body it would have the scene of the crime. The photographer should have until the scene had been cleared to the picture. I have heard a lot from a people about how the Department shouldn't have a raise salary and don't earn what they are ing now. Baloney! These men get paid less than $23 salary a year. These men do their jobs holidays, on weekends, on a variety shifts, to serve and protect, dealing drugs and crime, and even get shot you want a better Sheriffs you'd better start paying them like need them! You get what you pay for. And on that note I hope the next pay my 75 cents for this newspaper, I do like to read every week, it have a picture of a dead it. My sympathy goes out to the family, the Putnam family, and to else who has lost a loved one. Sincerely, L. Cuba, MO 65453 Fax: (573) 885-3803 Letter to the Editor Cuba Free Press PO Box 568 CUBA FREE PRESS I I0 SOUTH BUCHANAN CUBA, MISSOURI 65453 PHONE 573-885-7460 Publisher & Editor Circulation ROB VIEHMAN JANICE RANSOM Post Office Advertising Printing Publication No. 565-180 SANDY MORICE RUSS NEW February 5, 2004 -- Volume 44 Number 37 Cuba Free Press Address.all communications in care of the Cuba Free Press, P.O. Box 568. Periodical Class Postage paid at Cuba, Missouri. Published weekly each Thursday morning at Cuba, Mo. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CUBA FREE PRESS, P.O. Box 568, Cuba, MO 65453. SUBSCRIPTION RMES CRAWFORD CO. 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