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May 29, 2003     Cuba Free Press
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May 29, 2003

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The Cuba Free Press A Newspaper In Education Activity Page for Young Peeple '00eek : Skunks 2003 by Vicki Whiting, Editor Jeff Schinkel, Designer/illustrator Vol. 19 No. 22 Tell 00!00iJIt if you could ask a skunk any question you wanted? What would you Kid Scoop spoke with skunk authority P.U. Stenchmuch to learn these smelly creatures from a safe distance. We skunks are shy and gentle creatures. Yet the sight of a skunk is a fearful sight to many animals! To find each answer, start at the compass square each time and follow the directions. Q: Do skunks ever run out of stinky spray? A: Start at compass, Go 3 squares north, then 1 square west, then I square north. However, we only use this weapon when threatened. Even then, we do everything possible to avoid sending the final stinky spray. That's because skunks have a powerful and stinky weapon right under our tails - a VERY stinky spray! We hiss and stamp our feet. If this doesn't work, we raise our tail over our head as a threat. Q: What color is the musk skunks spray? A: Start at compass' Go 4squares north. Then go I square west. Next, go1 square south. Q: What is another name for a skunk? Start at compass andgo 1 square north, Next, go I square wesL Then go 2 squares north andthen I east. gs are three kinds of skunks. Do the math problems to match the name kind of skunk with its description. SKUNK 17+4+2= 15. It has a broad, hairless muzzle, like that of a pig. The back and tail are white. Yellow 25 feet SKUNK 21-11 : 10. The smallest of all skunks, it has a dot in the middle of its forehead. The stripes go in lots of different and wiggly directions. Kits 23. The face is black except for one white SKUNK stripe that runs from the nose to the Cat shoulders. At the shoulders, the stripe splits 7+6+2= in two parts, one running down each side of the body. NORTH Standards Link: Life Science: there is variation among individuals of one kind within a population. WES EAS Black & White and Read All Over I a page of the newspaper. Find all of the words you can read; I SOUTH and if you know what they mean, circle them in red. I ndarde Llnk:!Social i Students use map illS to Standards Link: Reading Comprehension: Osecontext to understand meaning, ' ' J find the ute nsof places. of animals have bodies that blend into the world them. This is called camouflage. But the bold and white markings on a skunk make them easy to They don't need to hide. Other animals know to them alone. the differences between the two pictures. Investigation: Find similarities and differences in common objects. SKUNKS SMELLY STINKER PUTRID COMPASS MUSTY DISTANCE WEAPON SOUR POLECAT BLACK MARKINGS WHITE WEST STRIPES Find the words in the puzzle, then in this week's Kid Scoop stories and activities. T A C E L O P W S S S S N O P A E W K K G E P UM S C U K R N P U Y T P N C R E I I T L N K A K U K K R R L S L T S O N R T I E B S S T S I A S D M W H I T E T MY T S UMD E L S Standards Link: Letter sequencing. Recognizing identical words. Skim and scan reading. Recall spelling patterns. rlky Words : a list of words that describe how things - for example: odor, putrid, musty, Using one page of the newspaper, have find and circle the letters that spell of the smelly words. Link: Vocabulary: Understand and explain synonyms. directions. May 29, 2003-- I I B Weekly Writing Tale of a little stinker! One day I was outside and I smelled something weird. I went over to see what it was, but it ran away. When it came back I tried to sneak up on it. I saw something big and black and white. I followed it for a short while and then it turned and sprayed me. Now I smell like a skunk. Nathan 3rd grade Ralphie walked into the classroom ac- companied by his usual escort of flies. Ralphie never took a bath. He always had an excuse and it was 32 days since his last wash. The whole class had to plug their noses until recess. One day Dan and Gordon filled a little portable pool with water. Dan snuck behind Ralphie and pushed him in. Instantly, the pool was muddy brown. Ralphie turned and pulled Dan in and a couple other kids. Ralphie never had so much fun in his life and he even came out clean. Yoni 8th grade I call my baby cousin a little stinker because she follows me and does every- thing I do. But really I like her and we have a lot of fun. Shauntell 5th grade Once there was a little boy who was always stinky. He had no friends. This little boy really wanted a friend so he tried putting on his mom's perfume. This only made the kids dislike him more. He asked his mom what to do and she said, "It would be a good idea to take a bath." So he did. Now, he has tons of friends. Danielle 5th grade One sunny day a baby boy was born. He was my brother and at first he was okay. He couldn't talk or walk and he just sat there. As he became older, he became a little stinker, especially when he could walk and talk. He would scribble on my homework, mess up my stuff and get all muddy. Now that he is almost five, I realize that even if he is a little stinker, I love him! Marissa 6th grade ii|UlimN|RHDIHiil|l : Help sponsor Newspapers in I I Education! : : Send your check along with 1 : this box to I I Cuba Free Press I I I i PO Box 568, Cuba, MO 65453 I I The Cuba Free Press sends over 1500 I I I | papers to local schools EACH week/ I Li--mii=m,..iiimiimmmimJ Magnificent Manunals Write a sentence with all of the words starting with the same letter. For ex- ample: Many magnificent mammals meet Monday. Deadline: June 26, 2003 Published: July 24, 2003 Send your story to: Please include your school and grade. Cuba Free Press P.O. Box 568 Cuba, MO 65453 i