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June 17, 2004     Cuba Free Press
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June 17, 2004

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4A June 17, 2004 Opinion The Cuba Free Press He shook hands More to story Your Thoughts r, rl - " the Mexicanbn the skateboard with a gun still here? We don't know. A friend of like a real man Like many of you, I was moved by the televised coverage of President Reagan's State funeral in Washington, D.C. last week. The solemn procession taking Reagan's body by horse-drawn carriage to the Capitol Rotunda, where mourners were given a brief chance to say goodbye, seemed a fitting tribute for this larger- than-life character. The image of wife Nancy speak- ing to her husband before the coffin was removed from the Capitol Building was difficult even for me to watch without tearing up. President Reagan served his country well and will certainly be remembered as one of the most important world leaders in modern American histo- ry, certainly the most influential--and politically effective---president since the days of FDR and Harry Truman. What I | In the 1980s, he pushed the conserva- Think| tive movement far enough to the political Ch I center to bring case Democratic voters into [J the fold, but somehow managed to appeal to his Right Wing base, too. I was just a kid living in Louisiana during the Reagan years, but I can't recall my parents or any of their friends from either political party voting against the Gipper. Like bad weather, everyone seemed glad to see Carter go in 1980, even though he was from the South. A political commentator called Reagan's inauguration a "new morning in America," and maybe it was. He certainly brought back a certain national swagger and a faith in America's power to lead the world. Reagan was by no stretch perfect. He had his shortcomings, and the Iran-Contra scandal proved to be a mole on his presidency. But his legacy is undeniable, the respect displayed in full last week by esteemed members of beth parties. ,A'r% bjm r detest him,? writes. Kenneth T. Walsho penned a biographyf the 40th U.S. president in 1997, "Reagan presided over a remark- able shift toward cultural, political, and economic conservatism, much of it brought on by ideas that Reagan had promoted for two decades with an incandescent charisma and the performing skills he had perfected as a Hollywood actor." Expanding the traditional base to draw in new voters was a lesson Bill Clinton learned well, con- verting it into two turbulent presidential terms in the nineties. George W. Bush, with a platform of "compassionate conservatism," has tried the same approach, thus far with little of Reagan's success. We forget how close the country came to losing President Reagan when John Hinckiey Jr. shot him in March of 1981: He arrived at George Washington University Hospital with a bullet in his chest and vital signs weak. The old man beat the odds and pulled through, of course, as he did later during the colon cancer operation. He was hard as nails, and only old age could've taken him out, even if the Alzheimer's" took him down for a spell. Reagan was a cowboy, a tough guy, and not just in the movies either. He lived a life much larger than all the roles he played on screen, and in some sense our nation grew stronger because of Reagan's shining example as a forceful leader. Not everybody liked Renald Reagan's policies, but most people respected his leadership. I had the pleasure of shaking hands with the president during his '84 reelection campaign, when he stopped off in Monroe, La. and spoke at a Republican rally inside a tin-walled airport hangar. I was 13 years old, and at the time it seemed like a big deal to shake hands with a president. I guess it still is. As you might expect, he held a firm handshake, a man's shake. I gave him a hard one right back, and he cocked his head with a smile when he told me I wasn't old enough to vote yet, then went on down the line of hands. I was impressed by how strong he was for an old man--even more so when he stayed longer than planned to make sure he'd made contact with each person who wanted a brief touch or to say hello. This is what politicians do, but with Reagan it felt as if he liked it. CUBA FREE PRESS I I0 SOUTH BUCHANAN CUBA, MISSOURI 65453 PHONE 573-885-7460 Publisher & Editor ROB VIEHMAN Circulation JANICE RANSOM Advertising SANDY MORICE Printing RUSS NEW O Post Office Publication No. 565-180 LETTER TO THE EDITOR For the past nearly three years you have written articles concerning the mat- ter I am currently dealing with. You state in your paper time after time Diosdado informed the police that Diosdado is safe in Mexico, so, according to a call I made to the police, "We don't have to worry anymore." Double wow! The article also stated that Police Chief that this murder of Gene Allen Ray of Cuba in November 2001 was done cause of the offer of money and property. If you are going print the information concerning this issue, then get your facts correct. The murder of Gene didn't take place because I wanted it. I did what any father would do. Alvin Ray made a threat towards my son, that he'd see to it my son lived the same lifestyle I received from Alvin as a child. Why did I act upon his request? I could- n't allow my son to be subjected to the sex- ual assaults, physical and mental abuse I received as a child.-- I didn't know who to talk to in regards to his request. ARer I reflected the vision of my son's face in my pain and agony I so well remember. To make mat- ters worse, as a child I told five adults what Alvin was doing to me and no one lifted a finger to help me. That was what made me choose the choice I did. So if you plan to print more of this issue, get your facts straight. While I am on the issue of facts, there's some other issues I'd like to discuss. The Crawford County Jail and staff members. Every new place is going to have problems. The staff members here are some of the best you'll see and find in this area. I've been here for 13 months straight and I see they have days just as us inmates do. Before you go printing nega- tive issues against these indi- viduals, you need to ask your- self, would I want their job? Someoneho. ts article that belongs in veelcly tab]olds more than likely couldn't handle their job! Get your facts correct! Daniel L. Ray Steelville EDITOR'S NOTE: Prosecuting Attorney Sid Pearson confirmed this week that the prime motive in the shooting of Gene Ray was for financial gain. If there were other reasons for the crime, they have not been made public and are only now coming to light. Much more to story Tim Bailey said these two had an ongoing feud for two months. This is a lie. Joshua did not know this man or anything about him until the week before when he pulled his gun on several other people. When Joshua asked Chief Bailey about this, he was told those were not Chief Bailey's words, but those were Brandy's words. Brandy, the wife of a man, who shot some- one for calling him names. But then, Joshua didn't call him names until he con- fronted him, unarmed. It is said that Diosdado Tello was a Mexican Police Officer. Does this have anything to do with the house that eyewit- nesses (more than one!) saw Diosdado in, after the shooting, was not surrounded while a search warrant was being obtained? I am aware that there were many resi- DAY IN, DAY OUT- ! M TH' KII;)S' FAVORITE TARGI00T... dents there and a certain amount of offi- cers were needed in "Little Cuba" to keep the peace. However, with city, county and state officers all present, couldn't we risk sending one for the search warrant and maybe 2-4 to surround the house, rather than all of them surround the upset and angry white man? Thank you to the one officer, air 20 minutes of begging from the residents, for knocking on the door and asking "Is Diosdado here?" Too bad they said "no." You may be the next parent in Cuba to receive a phone call that your child ,was just shot. Furthermore, Joshua was not stable, treated and released. Joshua was shot two times by a 9ram handgun. The first bullet required surgery to stitch his colon. The second bullet hit his pelvic bone, fractured it, and is lodged in the bone, whereas it may cause perma- nent damage to remove it. His stomach Share your views... had to be completely sliced open to ate and repair his damage. Then remained in intensive care for a half. Then he was moved regularly to ferent rooms because the hospital "attempted murder" was serious enough a criminal action to necessitate "worry." Joshua is at home now, but he has a of healing to do over this, uh, what was uh, oh yeah...assault. Wow! Kathie EDITOR'S NOTE: Our report that the tim was in stable condition, Louis hospital for his gunshot and later released, was not intended minimize the extent of his injuries. it was meant to indicate the injuries not life threatening and he was no in the hospital. LETTER TO THE EDITOR I am writing in regards to the article written last week where Diosdado Tello shot Joshua Evans. It states Joshua was shot "as he fled the residence." There were many witnesses. Each witness stated the same. Diosdado and Joshua were both in the street. Yes, Joshua went to Diosdado's home. He went unarmed. He asked Diosdado why are you putting a 9ram handgun to my friend's head? Diosdado and his wife Brandy, of Cuba, told Joshua to leave. He did. Diosdado went inside and then came out to the street, waving his hands and yelling at Joshua to come back. As Joshua turned, he saw a gun pointed to his head, ducked and was shot in his left abdomen. He ran and was shot in his right buttock. Did I mention Joshua was unarmed? Another Mexican was on a skateboard, gun in his shorts, heading for Joshua. This all sounds like a drug deal going bad, right? Wrong! Several days before the shooting, a father of one of the other kids who had a gun put on his head, confronted Diosdado. Diosdado said he was "tired of all the name-calling of Mexicans, Mexican wetbacks, etc., and he just couldn't take it anymore." Wow! No drugs. No rip-off. No theft. Name-calling is what this grown 27-year old man could not deal with. Not even with an unarmed 17-year old man. This is scary, Cuba. Is Diosdado still in our community? Is Special thanks LETTER TO THE EDITOR I would like to take this opportunity thank Doug, Scott and Mitizi of ..'CEPT ON FATH00:R'S DAY --WHEN I'A00 JUST THE.IR FAVORITI00! DOYA LIKI00 TH' TII00, DADDY? odist h-in: Crawford County Ambulance Distri[.til 1 8 They are paramedics and excel in the!iNG O field. Also Sharon Tucker, and Steve of tl [7, 7( Air Vac crew. b, MC On May 6 they were dispatched to # eople home, they were very prompt. The lence knowledge told them I was in trouble a L at they knew what to do and they preformd tOn. M life saving measures on me. I will be f ever grateful to them.  or 8 In this day we often do not take RY 2 time to thank those who do a good job a older do so much for us, not just these tl#0 a.: young people but the EMT's, the volunt0 tbyter fire department and the police departm Thank you all for being there when ] need you. rawford County is very luck To Doug, Scott, Mitizi, Sharon, Ste 4Thank you again and God bless. 0 t Jeanne Da* The Free Press welcomes comments and suggestions from our read- ers and will consider for publication any letter or article submitted. To be published, letters must be signed and include an address and day" time phone number. The publication of any letter or article does not necessarily reflect the opinion of this newspaper. 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