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June 29, 1961     Cuba Free Press
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June 29, 1961

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......... .... : CENTER sunly and cool for ghe begirming of motosi were Cakirg of ,the pleaSaltmess Lhe baauies of Priscilla Htm of St. M. mad ,Mrs. H. Heay were Stmd&apos;ay isitars of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schvi,nle, of Morrson, Me. Mrs. Schwiake ,and M2s. Head s x$ting amorg were working pMs. Me. of r. and Mrs. Ed Knecht. The ,ldies held their your yard, PATIO and FLOWER GARDEN THIS SUMMER. :RETE FIXTURES- Baths, Bird Feeders, Flower Pots, Squirrels, 0 ,Uhe larrn. Mr. and Mrs. V. Simmerly veve callers Friday ev on Rev. and Mrs. Henry EthOs. Mr..mad Mas. Ray MeGure & Jolmie of St. Louis, Mo. a,ived Satury for a week's visit wi*h Mr. md Mrs. Ed Bidges. Mrs. Hazel Gibson. and neces Gloria arid Sue Muen of St. Louis were Stmdy guests of Mr. altd Mrs. Don Fox. Mrs. Fox .a sis'tev ad auxt. Sunday guests of hrr. and Mrs. W. E. I)odd were thedr nephew and family, "Mr. a'nd Mrs Dale Lavahet and children and their aughtev, Mr. ,and Mrs.. rlomie Tlmmpson all of St. I,ouis, ..their Toad Stools, St. Francis, Four Seasons, s, M. ad M. Bm Doad o St James, M_o. other figures, all kinds and sizes. George Marr 00OR,. MAPLE SHADE Mr. and Mrs. Melvin FeSters ": READY-MIXED CONCRETE PLANT of cuomia ad Mrs. Phone TU 5-7431 or TU 5-3572 of Cuba 1 block ixed Concrete LINE OF ROAD MATERIALS Area's Only Washed Sand and Gravel Plant -EXCAVATING OF ALL KINDS- BACKHOE & CRAWLER HIGHLIFT -FREE ESTIMATES- Cuba Ready-Mix V. E. WOODCOCK 5-3389 City Park South JBA, MISSOURI you to Venice or Virginia... never.carry cash than you can afford to lose carry =n Express Travelers Cheques Ihee, yet only you can spend them. Promptv;efund If lost or enny a ollar. Getur American ExpressTra lers Cheque= at 9les Bank of Cuba 3% Paid on TIME CERTIFICATE F.D.I.C. CUBA, MO. WlSh of Cuba visRed their ea- ,in, M. Tom Kelly and Samily, Wednesday. an.ltpc, mad Mrs. R. A. Heard cbAldren of Atvaaev, C,Mi. isRed wt?rl her pa/eats, Mr ald Mrs. H. H. Do,on lt week. Faday fley wet ,to St. Lous *o visit her sters ad am- iies 1Vr. and Mrs. Cmon Lacy & lns Bin and Robert---of St. James, 1Vr. E'net Ohp ,m of Cuba and son, lIest, J,r. of St. Louis, nd Mr. Jesse Bridgeman son and d'augter of 2hvee MAle, visited . wnd Msl C],aude Chapman Sunday afamoon. Mr. and Mrs. Buck Gregy augh, Mary Elle n and sister t Miss ShirLey Gregory spent edr ,ast week's voeain wi,th-heiv parent, M,r. and Mrs. F. Gag- ory at Hannibal, Me. They call- ed at the Claude Chapman lome Fridayy evening. & son Medic visited a'm" neph- ew, Mr. mad M2s. Homer Dick inson a Gerald, Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. R O Stubblofield Mr. and Mrs. layymord Windle mad Beverly Palmer sp luth er's Day wFdh Mr. and Mrs. Ed Walle ;and eh, Kda'e.n. Thoso ha,t spen,t the FaCtor's Da wih Mr. and Mrs. Dvid Bra.ttan ad ,Equ the eek wih them was Mrs. Velma MHer, Nmalta nd Shl,rley Mr. td Mrs. Wctrow R,a,, David, Nit. Mrs. Robea% Brator, sor Bb- .by Gene, Mr. & M. A. Fige- ro, sms Gagory mad D, Lr- ry Coleman, aranxm, just ,hon rom Korea and his i- Obituaff !RALPH NOBaMA IMMEKUS Pph Nmarmn Immekus wag born to ,the ultion of Luffer Ira- ruckus cmd Irere Zieirmn c Deb- non, Mi on December 2, !1921 ad depa#ted fbl-is le sttd- detdy t lis ham near Bourbon 1Vissovi, on Wedamsda, June 21, 1961 at che ,age of 39 yem-s, 6 nmnffm td 19 days. He ws tmed n ma-r,age bo Jm,i Ftere t Unoia Me on ]Vaff 10, 1941 ]a $o tmima five cl. ,veve .bon. Those wlm surviv 1is sud- den depahtve ,are hs w2e, Ms. Juaia Immeku,  de fol- Iovng ebklan; . Joan Gould, Mars. Judy Eoff, J,.ane, Dermis, and M.rk Imme]vus. Election of Post Off0e for 1962 scheduled fxr  meelg, 'according .to Post Adj--, Joseph Sovey. Those inte,ndig ,to be part of She Legiort eonigeat in the Leasburg Hornenirg Parade on July 13, awe aequested to aaotffy *he Adj t. The mean average spring em- peraure for Leasburg s re- por.d by .the 2djuat was 57.6 The Katydid and Jafly ave ,soon to be epeted to be read- eying mr drovsy es'. P-eailing wevhe enlam delightfully cool. DELHI Ma ChaS. hv&Ide spe ,anoee', Barbara Htm "vdg, Mr. & Ralph .is ,also survived by fftis Mrs. Bial Qu,iat, ch$lden, Nike, paens, Mr. al Ms. Luh Tom and Ba% and Mr. and Mrs. Ivnmekus, one iSter, Mrs. Fran- Pred 14  f St. Iuis. ees Smith ao_d :his ahevqn- Mr. ,and Ma's. Win. hpman I law nd mother-ia-Law, Mr. ,and sons, Robe, Win. & James [Mrs.  Sa0erle. of KnxMille, Tecm. ivedl ldph & his mtly mve Hed he Sturday to risk eir pr- fin  Bourbon ea r tke past ents, Mr. and Mrs. Cl'aude  Yertmadttr k he  em as a [man nd sister, Mr. and Ms.  dver fx Ralph Lfhlart md Stevie. hey, ! Bou P,oev wih Mr. & Mrs. Claude CAll>- man visited his tmle md atm M. a,nd Mrs. Erest Chapmn Q Cuba Stmday lerenin. lrs. Clara huvmond visited wi Mrs. Mama Demman in Cu- ba, Thttrsd'a,y. Mrs. Ruth Capehat, daughter Mlti. I yeas a veteim of World War 2, lving served wi*h Ee UnSted  Navy. He beein a member of ,the MeChodist ih  mamy yeas .and held membership i n .the Sulliwa Metlmctist Church t the ,time of .his dath. Nellie ,nd cidrer, Mr. and Mr. Immekus was  strafe, a ,-'- daughter h Hoener Ftnea Home, Mrs. J'kn .=aa=.. '  Be r Jtdy and son, Nehl and a friend u ban. MAssoui where ftm- ad enjo:ad a barbecue Saturday eva serviees vea'e held ov hm, :'---. I ' yeas in e Bourbon Neff called on Mr. ,and M. O-rnese-- wi fr2erMs serv [-::: CLaude Clapman Sunday. [  .,  lev. arm Mrs. Ralph Liblmtl as laJ,oearers. and son Sterne ,and Mr and Mrs. Wm Otapman and sons, kad THE AMERICAN LEGION dimmer Studay ,eve,nng ,and Sunday wi*h teir parents, Mr. Copling Spreng Post 456 A-lc J, ames Windle sgert sere- tared Mrs. Caude Chapman. Leasburg, Missouri July The Itext regular meet- era ldays in St. Louis vis ,relatives and friends. |N.EWS ABOUT TOWN The viex regular meeAng Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cox &l Mr. & Ms. Henry Banden- will be held o on,day, Juy 3, da htsband & chRdrefftl bu.rge of New a%ferd, Me.-,a 8:00 p.m. M. nd 1Virs. Don W Diane v., he motaev, Mr. and Miss. & Dorm,$ visid t 4ae Claude Jake Aekemsm Pride. They al- so called on Mr. and . CI_s. MEETING NOTICES Chapman home Tueay eve-Te mad p  lxuck n,g. Capt. mad Mrs. P,2Ixl  load of slmt. 1st Monday of the month of Cal., Mrs. Wrren Parsons lVirs.  Treeee made a City Coocil - 7:30 p.m. nd effERdre of Eea St. Louis, ,business  to Roa aamia. Mr. mad Mcs. i.v'l Li/,ke f Mr. and Ms. Chas. Treee Ist Tuesday of the month East St. Lauds, I1. and Mr. mad vited wi Mr. and lVI. E T. V.F.W. Club - 8 p.m. Ms. Krmh urmnd mad Hctges S ,ftm. 'lst Wednesday of the month Mr, and Mrs. Don Treeee & ons of Cttba, lyre. spewt Faer's family spet the weekend  St. Jaycee-ettes . Day wih heir payer, s, Me. & Mrs.. H. H. , Mr. mad An, Mo. wh Mr. end Mxs. 1st Thursday of the month Mrs. de Chapman called Robt. , Jaycees 7:30 p.m. Mr.  lVI. Lou Ieaa and Blue Star Club - 7:30 p.m.  Margo Grfft avat Mr. Holy Cross Altar Sac. - 2 p.m. & Mm. i RaUf mm dav- dr  11 of S.  were 1st Friday at the month v-.m tl ltl$ hme :teTa Church Hlpn . - . p.m. Mr. and M. Ken Sanklin 2nd Men  o ..... ..... aay  me monm . .  J-aat,lll oLa& - o J.111, .......... -=   Fay-In t e adrpant t Hans-, Chamber of Com. - 1 noon. ton 21o ulty "  " ' " " I Lions Club -7 pm SBLtM ..... 2I. nd Mrs. Rird less, :  : ,and two eh, irlza lims mad 2nd Wednesday of the month :  : Mark of Atort spe_ Sunday I American Legion Aux. - 8 I[|' .  gothe, Ms. Bth[P.m. : ;.] : Bell, Mr. and Mxs. Everett Ohfl-[ Lutheran Ladies Aid - 2 p.m.  on ,and ohilen of Imperial, I Rainbow Assembly - 7:30 p.m. :  : Mo. were lze orvev  week- Royal Neighbors - 8 p.m. * end. . 2nd Thursday of the month Identifies your . Mrs. Joh Ttpton of Poca- __ . _ m"aerman Legion -  m : : hontas Ark and her brohe ad . ' , P" " t], naP t=t ' ' , Methodist Mens Club - 7:30 WtLUUMt WAtUN " s wie, Mr. d . H. ,,. : : ]Staling of Owensviile visiffl 2nd Friday of the month (OJ( : Mrs Starlings paertss, Mr. and Junior Garden Club - 3:30 : JlglldlgltO , , . . Nrs. W. H. Ro4f al15 r. p.m. : Wevkend guests t .the Gus Ham Scho o ...... e & el Assn. - 8 _.m. firms of prestige in the [,uarso amine uere vr anavLrs. " " 3r business and civic life of . [ Louis bein ,and Mr. ,and hs. d Monday of the month .. your community. /ari Styder of Chalesm, Itl. Chamber of Com. - 12 noon. - - .. Mr. and Mrg. Wtr B. Lee, City Council - 7"30 pm For information, call " Sr of Iansas Ci Mo a sen "  " " " " -" - ' y, v - womens lVle Clue - '1 p.m. dktg sevel days *his week in TU S 1S84 the Ozarks fubAng, I-Lis slser, 3rd Thursday of the month " _ MiesWalmee Leo of'St Lou- Jayces - 7:30 p.m. is joied them Monday even- Cuba Fair Board . 8 p.m, Arg .to spend hr vacation vis- 3rd Fr of the nth . . . iday me tmg a,Rd islin wih teen. Cuba Hnme Ee h,h 8 n m Mr ..... - . . w / . and Mrs. Do Muile and  n Jimmie of Hazeiwood, Me. 4th Monday of the month - -- -  - I spext ,the weekend wit his par- Eastern Star - 8 p.m. -=: etts, Mr. nd Mrs. Jchn Mulien. Chamber of Com. - 12 noon. Sl,,,anklin F,0000neral Home \\; Oxygen Equipped - 24 Hour Ambulance Service AIR CONDITIONED Ph. TU 5-3355 CUBA, MISSOURI PAUL A. SHANKLIN GENEVIEVE E. : STEPHAN INSURANCE AGENCY - 102 Smith - Cuba. Mo. last week wih ,her paaxmts, Mr. mad Mrs. Clmtde tevens. Sorry to repot Mrs. Sdvels is sst n poor hearth. Mr. and Ms. Wm Hughes: nd cM,ugher Dis and Mrs Lews of Pine Bluff, Ak. were Wed xesday glt guests of Mr. ad Ms. rlMm l&nrL Their children. Mark & Dar- lene Jones ruvned o teiv home wiCh their perertts who ease, out for the last weekend. Mr. mad Mrs. P. H. Mayers visited Sunday wih Mr & Mrs. Leouavd Summers ,at Sullivan 1VHssouri. lama MeOune, ,of Colum- bia speltt the weekead wi, th Axe grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. A ReSter. M2s Sad, it Hen of Jackson- v,iBe, I'll., motimr of Mr. Vedder h, as returmd t h home-ater a vo weeks visit here in Cuba. here she  Sa- a'on's gr4u'0ion. Mr. d Mm. Va MeAr- thur of Fertton, two.  Sum day w, lth .his,  Ella McArhur. Mr. and Mm. Gee. J.L. Wulf of Lamlie, Me and Mr & Mrs. J. C. hahs a, rtd Mr. and Mrs. Gus Gin, so aad Mr mad Mrs. R. E. Tlxtelteeke were Sunda a$0errmon and evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fmxk Sw t their lovely eotmw hmne north of Cuba, Ms. L. M. Burge mad child- en, Jeff and Laren of Yak- dma, Washington have spent the )ast week with ker mother, Mary Hochenedel and aunt, Mrs, Oma lascav .t Leasburg. They called on her co, Percy Pas- coo t The Cttba Free Prem mang. Lions Club - 7:30 p.m. th Wednesday of the month Rainbow Assembly - 7:30 p.m. Amer. Red Cross - 8 p.m. th Thursday of the month Riversshade Club ...... 4th Friday of the month Ozark Garden Club- 1:45 p.m. Posted Land Section No hunting or trespassing -- Ezra ouders Farm south of Ar- ehie Raft Farm. 7-7-61 FLYING C CHILDREN'S CAMP located off Hwy F sad old SBringfleld Road near Iron Ridge School No hunting or trespassing on my farm. Mrs. A. C. Jolley. 284ov ABSOLUTELY No' Fishing on he Hobart Souders Farm -- 9-28-61 p Mr. ad Ma-s E. H. Shay of VIehlvflle, o. visited Sat. ha rthe F. B. Radford, Tom Farm & Claude Stevens Immes, while are dn Eat ,irtevest of their frm. Suray femon visvars in he Cl'aude Stevens ome were Mrs. Dorothy H md chil- dren, M. Louise Ena, Mr. & Mrs. Jim I-Kansell ,rod fmltily & 1Vrs Tom Roes. Mr. and Ma,s Floyyd Were & dugh.trs, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ware arid soa were weecend guests of Mr. fund Mrs. J. S. Ware. Other Sundayy visitors were Mr ad Mrs Roy Ware & family and Mr and M.s. Mazwin Wave and ohilen. The Vaetia Bible Sheool picn,c was ,he,ld a Mramec Springs and was well .ttended. They reFo.vt h.aving had a very enjoyable day. Chas. Smith, J. was a Sun- day4 aLevnma ea,le t *he Tom Fan n home. Patsyy Smades vsied Sun- atcevnoon with Vieki Ware Joma Wave eee her 10th bi.ahday wih a wimaer roat fr her feds & cousins. NEWS ABOUT TOWN IVlr. and Mms. W. Wflar Lee spen ,the weektmd n St. Louis wth  dauglev, Wmee Lee and al affted  wed- d,g of  A Frae to Mr Virgil lmpe, in OverlayS, Mo. Saturday. Mrs. Robt. Enl and cklldren Terry, 2km  lke of Sa THE CUBA FREE PRESS -- Cuba, Mo, Thursday, June 29, 1%1 CONCRETE BLOCKS YARD PRICES 8" x 8" x 16" 6" x 8" x 16" 4" x 8" x 16" PATIO BLOCKS 2V4" x 8" x 16" PLAIN 21/4" x 8" x 16" IN COLOR EACH .2Z EACH .18 EACH .14 EACH .IS; EACH O iPLIT BLOCK IN COLOR  EACHA31/z ...... DECORATIVE BLOCKff "-:=-':'''=::= ....  SOLAR BLOCKS EACH 25 M and M Concrete Pro00uts PHONE TU 5-7648 ' .... CUBA, MO. George J. Marr, Material Cuba, Missouri All material weighed to State Specification "Screened " "] '' Meramec Gravel J See George Marr Washed ] for the Best Pacific Sand !! Material .. Ready-Mixed Concrete PHONES: LOCATION TU 5-7431 South d Cuba TU 5-3572 Cemetery STEELVILLE \\; MO. PHONE Night RI 3-2447 Store SP 5-2181 Let's Get Actiuainted An Independent Company. A Local Company. Here to stay Strickly GAS and GAS HEAT EQUIPMENT, Not a Side Line. EMPHASIS an.SEiJCE. It's Sed: Tank Truck Stationed in teelville. Always Ready. Na Middleman -Lower Costs - Lower Prices. a vlsl,t  her parents, Mr md Service Petroleum Company Product. None Better. Direct From Refinery to Our ON DISPLAY: Complete Line A. O. Smith "PERM- Equipment" A Good Buy is the A. O. Smith 30 Gallon, Glass Line<] Mrs Gee Mm-- The Gas is a Cities ---: Pro Lct. 4( Le Better Storage. ON DIS, I .. ': Compl e }  AGLAS Hot Water Heaters and Furnaces. "] 14 The Famous TEMCO -ine of Gas Heat  / m00feh and the DETROIT JEWEL Gas Ranges. ['lh' '"'" A Good Buy is the A. O. Smith 30 Gallon, G t llll h=00d Water Heater for $59.95. i li}ii " Lease price 500 Gallon Gas Tank, $159.00 Steelvil i o" P 5 iii0] "E. f r ALL MAKES OF TV AND RADIOS REPAIRED BY FAC TORY TRAINED MAN. NOW AT CUBA FURNITURE STORE CALL US OR BRING IN SETS FOR EXPERT REPAIR. 19tfe Call TU 5-3514 or SP 5.2658 Kenneth C. Thurmond Bulldozing -- Excavating Earth Meving Ponds. Estimates furnished free. Cuba, Missouri RUBBER STAMPS Made to order Any Copy Any Size SP 5:7575 Aenamin Printing Service Bax 295 Steelville, Mo. FAIRWAY BARBER SHOP r / Cuba Fairway Shopping Center] AIR CONDITIONED[ Walter McGraw, Prop. [ 18 Years Experlenee FARM BUREAU I NSU RANCE Life, Auto, Fire, Liability, Crop, Hail, Blue Cross BILL AI-EXANDER Cuba, Me. Cuba TU 5-7785 Steelville SP 5-7355 CUBA BUILDER NEW - REMODELING NOTHING TOO SMALL H. J. BLEVINS - R2 CUBA PHONE TU %7588 Expert ELECTRICAL WORK Residential O Commercial Phone TUexdo 5-7 Charles A. Viessman tl LEROY LASHLEE Painter and Drywall All Work Guaranteeo Free Estimates CUBA, MO. Phone TU 5-7683 FOR BEliER GLASSES DR. FIRST, O.i). Cuba Hotel - Tue., Wed., hu. Frl. Nights by appointment 0nl Perm. Office- Steelville, M, Open WED. THRU SAT. Healing aids that satis JOHN SLATON NOTARY PUBLIC OFFICE HOURS. 8 to 5 p, i NO OTHER TIME VERYDAY - Including Sunda and Holida SLATON CITY AUCTIONEER SERVICE Col. Dean Luhring GRADUATE AUCTIONEEI No Sale Too Large or -Too Small TU 5-7601 - Cuba, Mo.