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August 21, 2003     Cuba Free Press
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August 21, 2003

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4A August 2 I, 2003 Opinion The Cuba Free Press Mosby Fi,00.00ld: Use it or lose it A storm is brewing at the Cuba Municipal Airport, otherwise known as Mosby Field, over not just who is to run the facility, but how it is to be run. The manager at the facility has already been replaced. First he resigned and then wasn&apos;t rehired after applying to get his position back. By all accounts from pilots and members of the airport committee, he was one of the best managers ever at Mosby Field. This dispute over the airport manager position, which directly involved at least one member of the city council, also led to the resignation of one of the city's best representatives on the airport commit- tee--Randy Mace. Now it is threatening one of Cuba's newest busi- nesses, Brayman Just Aviation, which began Thinking flight school operations at the airport in April. Rob Cris Brayman was Viehman issued a business license to operate his flight school in April, but was refused a new license in June because of concerns raised at a council meeting about operating a business on city proper- ty. In an effort to correct that problem, a proposed ordinance was introduced at Monday's city council meeting to allow flight-related businesses to oper- ate at the airport, with council approval. The meas- ure, however, did not receive the full support of the council. Although they didn't offer their reasons for being against the ordinance, aldermen Ralph Bayless and Judy Schroeder both voted "no" on the bill. What is it they are against? Development? Progress? Growth? How can you be against having commercial oper- ations at an airport? Isn't that what an airport is for? Doesn't every other aiort all6w commercial operations? Sullivan has a private skydiving company oper- ating out of its field, while St. Clair is home to a pri- vate air ambulance firm. Cuba also had skydiving, flight schools and mechanics operating there in the past. What's the problem now? Mosby Field was built to help attract business to Cuba, not only as a place industrial companies can use to fly in to their local plants, but also as a pos- sible home to charter services, flight schools, avia- tion mechanics and more--all which will bring in tax and fuel sales revenue to the city. Our airport is there for the benefit of all, not just those who can afford an airplane. We need to use it, or we may just lose it! Stirrin' the Pot Wlson We have compassion for our senior speeders. Given Gtash Reduct/on Unit DRIVE SAFELY Park concerns .. Your Thoughts LETTER TO THE EDITOR It isn't just the park board and a mere $2,500 that is preventing the building of a day-care center/recreational facility in Tangle Creek Park. It is some of the resi- dents of this community. Our family lives in a house near the park, and we love where we live. We have a small child who enjoys the playground equipment and baseball field. And we purchased our home, because it was on a street that had a small amount of traffic and great access to the park. I fear that building the facility in Tangle Creek Park will bring about many problems. For example, what is to become of the present roads? Margaret Street is currently not wide enough for excessive two way traffic. There are numerous chil- dren who walk or ride their bikes down Margaret to get home from the pool in the afternoon. So either a sidewalk would need to be installed or a one-way traffic sign. Now if you make Margaret a one- way street you face the problem of what to do on Belden Street. There will be a sig- nificant increase in the number of people trying to access Hwy. 19 from Belden before and after work. And to prevent acci- dents or other traffic congestion the city would need to install a 3-way light there. Although it is not the ideal place to put a traffic light. Another point I have in regards to traffic is the safety issue. The families around the park are currently able to teach their children to ride their bikes, skateboards and walk without too much concern for cars or trucks. But if this new facility is placed in Tangle Creek, parents will always have to look out for the person who is running late dropping off or picking up their child. And since the day-care would be open to all shifts, the traffic would be during all times of day and night. Since Iwas notable to attend the meeting about the new facil- ity, I havea few questions I would like to have addressed or at least have people think about? What is going to become of the current BBQ/picnic area? People love to have birthday parties and BBQs there, but the noise and exhaust from passing cars might hurt that. Will the walking/bike path have to go? Kids (use the path) heading home from the pool, or just rid- ing around on their bikes and skateboards. It seems there are few other places in town designed for such recreation. And what about the current playground equipment? Will the area children now have to share that equipment will possibly a hundred other children once the facility moves in? Or will they put in newer, more expensive equipment that will be reserved for "paying customers" since this is a busi- ness? And then there is the baseball dia- mond? Where (are) the children's summer leagues (to) practice and men play soccer? All of these things are used nearly every- day by families in the community. I would hate to see the city sell-out a nice, quiet part of town in the interest of providing a service that will possibly facilitate a lot of people. Of all the people who are for this proposed facility, how' many live in the area that will be affected by it? Has anyone thought of the challenge this gives to those people already provid- ing a day-care service in this community. How will this hurt their business? It seems to me that there aren't a lot of peo- ple who don't have a day-care provider while they are at work. So the children needed for this facility to run will probably have to come from other day-cares in the community. Are these people going to be able to compete with the prices set by the new facility? What will happen to them if the city takes their jobs away? I am looking forward to a recreation center. I think it would provide a great service to the community in an area where there is currently no service available. I know a lot of people who would love to not have to drive to Rolla or Sullivan to work out. But there has to be a better place to put it without strong arming the park board. Sometimes you have to look at what you will have to sacrifice before you decide which is the greater good. I am not saying I have all of the answers, nor am I claiming to know all of the facts. But I feel that we need to look at the biggest picture possible before diving into this project, because it could turn out to be an expensive mistake. Andrea Beard Cuba Save our children LETTER TO THE EDITOR Dear Citizens of Missouri: My name is Sidney James. My two- year-old son, Dominic James, was brutally murdered in foster care. He died on August 21, 2002 and little has changed since then to make at risk children safer in state custody in Missouri. All of the children who have been murdered while in the custody of this state have been bira- cial, like Dominic, or have been black, but white parents should not find this com- forting in any way. Their children are in danger while in foster care under our cur- rent system, too. John Dilley, the foster father accused of killing my child, is white and I am black. Dilley has been free on a small bond since objections. Department of Family Services workers lied to cover up their ness to believe that John repeatedly hurting my son. The believe me when I showed them the 1 of abuse I saw when I was allowed Dominic. He could have been saved' he was airlifted from the Dilley early August of 2002. He could saved if Dilley had been subjected skepticism that was reserved Instead, Dominic was returned to that had become his torture John Dilley has a son just same age as Dominic. It is imagine what it must have been that little boy to watch his his foster brother. Black and biracial boys are the away children of the United America. They are often expected young and violently. Many people think that, if they live to grow will just end up in prison, so why Do I seem bitter? Let me share ple of the reasons why it is so to grieve in peace and begin to July of 2003, 1 attended a Change" meeting in Springfield. tt driving by saw a black television man filming the event and yelled, Power!" Since my son's dedicated in St. Luke's CemeterY Meanwhile, during ANOTHER l00lackout... IT WUZ POWI00R OMTAGI00S LIKE THIS THAT GOT TH" LL STARTIIY IN CALIFORNIA! BUT SOON THEY'LL HAVE TH' TI00R00INATOR --HE'LL CRUSH ALL THEIR PROBLEMS REALLY. REALLY. ..I<RAK! POW/BLAb? He'LL GIVI TH' PIOPLE WHAT THEY WANT--AN' HE'LL GIVI IT FAST... R00ALLY??? www.borr he was charged. If I had been arrested for murdering John Dilley's son and let out on bail, I would have been lynched on the Town Square in Springfield. If I had been held in the Greene County Jail, whites would have killed me while in their cus- tody. If white children in Missouri were being murdered by their caregivers while in fos- ter homes, a comprehensive reform bill would have passed quickly and no gover- nor would have dared to veto it. If John Dilley was black and the child he killed was white, Dilley would not be out of jail. Public outrage would have demanded that prosecutors deny bail and quickly try him. A black man who murdered a white foster child would be sentenced to death. Charges filed against Dilley do not even carry the possibility of the death penalty. It is devastating to me that this man, who repeatedly hurt my only son and finally succeeded in killing him, is not charged with murder in the first degree. Most of the people who have heard about Dominic do not understand that this is a story in which the issue of race must be raised. That is because they, and the reporters covering the story, are white. If I were white, Dominic would have been placed in my custody rather than going into foster care. White people routinely get second chances before their children are taken from them. John Dilley got a second chance when Dominic was hospitalized the first time and then returned to the Dilley home in spite of my documented Marshfield Mo., a confederate has been hung at a home two doorS! from the church. Have you heard of Megan's Amber Alert plan or of a child Klaus? When white girls are killed cumstances no more those of Dominic's death, the whole try hears about their tragedies. murder was no less agonizing and # more preventable. Dominic was dead after months in foster care. In two care he was never harmed but taken from me and given to the brutalized him until Dominic's little could take no more. Please remember that I umented that my son was bein his foster home and I was Dominic's death should be no less tant than the deaths of those dren named Megan and Amber Please help to make Dominic name to remember by calling your tors and asking them to override ernor's veto or to prioritize that he will sign. You and I Dominic a second chance to live can give his life a chance to make ence. We must insist on can save the lives of other children' Sincerely, Families S CUBA FREE PRESS I I0 SOUTH BUCHANAN CUBA, MISSOURI 65453 PHONE 573-885-7460 Publisher & Editor ROB VIEHMAN Circulation JANICE RANSOM Advertising SANDY MORICE Printing RUSS NEW Post Office Publication No. 565.180 August 2 I, 2003u Volume 44 Number 13 Cuba Free Press www.cubafreepress.com Address all communications in care of the Cuba Free Press, P.O. Box 568. Periodical Class Postage paid at Cuba, Missouri. Published weekly each Thursday morning at Cuba, Mo. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to CUBA FREE PRESS, P.O. Box 568, Cuba, MO 65453. SUBSCRIPTION RATES CRAWFORD C0. HISSOURI OTHER ' Single Copy Price 7O 75 2 years $54.00 2 years $72.00 2 years Tax 4.04 Tax 5.38 [Pay $58.04] l Pay $77.38 I I year $30.00 I year $40.00 I year Tax 2.24 Tax 2.99 L Pay $32.24 ]