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September 28, 1961     Cuba Free Press
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September 28, 1961

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LIONS CLUB HAS I INSTALLATION OF  THE CUBA FREE PRESS +ss, [ Monday evening at the Cub I R m-o " l 080 &apos;Park Pavilion members of the ,.- LAST i a'D w Assemby of Cuba  " r hosts held their installahon of offic |Lions Clu' 0= Cuba we e " ISSUE ' ..... fo " eir era at the Masonic Hall Wed- /to a steak umner I r  d , ................ as nes ay evening, Sept. 20. /iamilies tJene wunLvo, w ,.. ' ..... _ ..... : _^ I Miss Lmua Hamilton was in- tne preslaifig cneI anu ,s x- ...... lent stalled as Worthy Advlsor, portea to nave flone an excel .. . . ..... ,.- ..... lvlary tlassey as Worthy Assocl- JOb cooking the $eaKs. TH R DAY SEPTEMBER 28 1961 TEN PAGES ari dvisor'-- --''be i Hord as Vn/llAE 2 NUMBER 7 CUBA, MISSOURI U S , , ........... Ic a "ty. Betty . err as Hope, """' MISS HEUEK WtV _ IJanice Shane as Faith, ue Me- WILLIAM GREGORY  ICann as Chaplain Emily Doff as D il" " " n'" " fo'" .. ; ' ---  ....... io- r I teauer a a ne HOW ,,! Two baskets ot wrote gla in in h lor om otis ;and " tns g t e Co Stations, e,r'_ nr-'rey CLAIMED FOR N F 0 MOYER CEIVES ST LOUIS HOLDS lus, p p . _ can o Shonda King, Shelba ]night, ='=='='--=" "" "''" " . LIFE IMISONMENT M:t el::* tCway I Missoum ART mow i i ...........  charged seven tfieat packers, lbee n much criticism amon packers to det.e a date for atr, .i  " . _.. , : a boquet <ff red roses and her IONS to the me job. o ,v.- ree tional food cains and .... g* . ' ............... He wa ,:ltted to nlead Dwight billion Memorial prize ine of the brides silk mist ...... . _.. enaof the blk'. th .na. . . Congressmen at znese packer xms relrL sam xo  u* . ' r,- .... . _ r rafts. 100. I . n was accented atner a ouomerrre wnue ng up the western ............ It-wo llvtsoez dealers wlff-n-I nd chain store --eratlons llarest food chains own aria ,ilt#  was Zl .... the lffe.r, c :.$I ...... e^, and lace .gow .... Miss Terry Engel accompanied between ,Smlta ana nmau# ""lain i marketirt uraetices! a ............ '(: ..... [..,1^.:,^ . ........ ,,, term [ ner lou prmes are u.- wm a sneer unueriay anu .i.. , ........ ,,,am o .= ,_..,__ how tat had the effect, he sad, at[at a elosel meefing Freeman plants and even feed their own ' r [ ' T"h R T.hmnn the Ida ^ k^..,,^-, t. ........ bn Love ends a Ltte Gift of ......... - for al illegally manipulating o co hand assmants held wth 17 hve- supply of hvestock. -.= e-u,0,,- ]^ ............  ..... rtze for a ................ n +..1 iRoses. Nlss Engel also sang l,,n.., .d _**___when extended o   ' .... ,,, - ,$1)ocz organlzauons In ,July. t xne .m'a]r,, packer, me re- -  .- .^ wa_ercot lor to .be added to the ..wt,th ............ seMloned ets of lace .,* *o -.,,s - v-os,-.. ...... s - In reporting on this meeting, port sad, has attempted to A-ne rrnldt age o  several in a group the results prices. are multiplied. Pehaps of more signiftcanee was an accompaning Freeman directive to aids that they look nto the legality of operation ' coleotions and the ........ x  Linda carried an oeid on " k Museums , caugnt wire sUK OOWS and e - . formerly of t- Lick Cree t ........  ...... award ......... a white Bible wih a back- ---:'- .... = - ]- - a ..... d tttax elso n_mrow 'tenaea into a cnapei zram. I ........ nanornooe paseu way u -! A,v rti*t ' .in='M'souri ho t,,da,, h,,fanf 4 tird grounu vow oz alnDow colorea denly t M home in St. Louis] "*'::. Y-L'=. ,, f its borders *."-"'-.  -," ........... 7- ribbon on the orchid She Mon .... f 2" f -uns'hot' or within ou roues o vei ol sitK lllUSlOn was nero ........ . ." aay, . o, o g t .qhle td enter i--  e*la ,c{llr .hhsa* '*e deolcatea her verm as worthy wounds. Mr. eluuid had ap-  ......... s Advmor  Cham.ty. She also narenti lJn eleanin his unl earpece ne carrmu a a- . ......... - "   .................. cade bun uef of gardenias, presumed ner insmmng atncers since .& eanin ui mentl MR5 RUIH KAUT } q ' and ,he a "] ..... , .: g eq p - a h , e'ng Momer Aovisor was n sY. An lnque was / Mrs. Rtrth Graddy passed hlies of the valley nd step "Mrs. Kunkel wtn lovely cor- set for $nesday in St. Lo-uls.[away TUesday, Sept. 26, at the an o.ts.  .........  ,.rlSages. idt' 1 a Se is survived  NllSS usan cu=, .v=, ,. , . Mr.  s wife, Myt e]age of 57 ye rs. " " r maid of honor Miss After the inallatmn re- passed F abou 2 years ago. by her husband Allen Graddy, stse! as ..... "-... freshments of cake and punch :+.o:. anara oster ana zss mrley Funeral rviees will be held leight sons, six daughters, three IT WAS DISSAPPOINTING tO lby packers and some food chains learn that the three men who of their own 'estock fattening burglarized "Lazy Larry's near lots in competition with farm- :Pacific last week end were ers. Some producer groups oldiers from the Nike Missle contend these operations violate hose at Catawissa. I am not the Packers and Stockyards ware of the number of men Act which directs the depart- attached there but it would men to police he livestock in- the department sid the live-,combat this cure-petition by ex- ,stock leaders expressed "con-panded cattle feedirtg activities cern over the impact of buying i and large direct buying f live- power (of meat-animals') in stock. All such projects are fewer hands, feed-lot operations diametrically opposed to-the by retailei's and "packers, and best interests of the fa-d." Boy Scouts to Hold Court of Honor Sat. e I _ eem that three would compris dustry against unfair practices. ood pereene and this I Should the department arrive The Catholic School Udtn P. M. Is dlsturbing when realed[   will be te scene d% Boy A great rne is promised tese men are entrusted wt ! Scout Court o P, onor when the with several good speakers i&e defense  our r.ea. a SEVERE WEATHER 1oeal Troo1_--7 opens the doors lined up to speak. A Scout WOuld seem there is 1mer to the genel public on Sat-Craft Skill will be demonslred | eed for closer screening :i CORPS TO MEET urday evening, Sept. 30,-t 7:30 by a Patrol. Scottts who have I'ore careful scrutiny of th IN ST LOUIS ..... workedto ear n_Seeon d e -^--,- * tose men. I r]rsz tass aages wm "  I ........ BIRTHS -- awarded. It is hoped that par- l.'1:ne an nu^aa tenerai .uMeetm Mr. and Mrs. Wm E. Cool-ents will come *nd suppor ....... our  "'"  .... _,vo , ,. baagh of Peru, Ill., a-re reeeiv- their boys "AS werl as getting NEW OUTLET aaaea o_ ,ne ounuay, mer tn a ing congratulations on the a badge themselves. .^-^ ...^o and Linda was presented with today (.day, Sept. 28) at lbrothers , forthy one grandchild- "" .... " ..... Sciot III was served by the Mothers Club II a.m,, e Hoener Funeral iren and wo great andchildren.  ............... The attendants were gowned 'a_beaut"uul ,cake a-ecora't' -aea .ro- ll  with Rev. Fred[ Funeral'-agemets which . pale tavenaer o rncn the $1atg.: [are incomplete $" raider the in cocktail-leng sheaths of_ . _ ^_,___ .,. _ . ., ,,., neuflful Joral arl'angement on ;  will be in Kinder ldirection of the Her Funeral h, uiu,  ...... ...... h ---1 " dresses were fashioned with t e ao e made o varied colors :, ii I Home at Bourbon, MO. modified bateau necklines and of mums made by her grand- cap sleeves accented with hand- mother, Mrs. Corbet{" Hamilton. Ye if Bus d ee under' Out of own Ruests were Mr Motor CeJeb clipped, appEtqe la - rates .... funic overski-'s 'and Mrs. Jas Det of Salem, lays. Their v rt . .  -- ,  w,r, hIt,t at the waists to wlo., ana three ttalnbOW girls *" m-le *-:-' O from the Salem Assembly.   "= ' " ! Monday evening the Cuba lrs { ,mess Their headpzeees were match- _- .... ' " silk bowS oldin- ircular Rainbow Girls were entertained ing : g C West Motor Co., in the automotive field - from tulle veils Tev carried nrin-by the Eastern Star members I Hwy 66 ,the Compaer'v to the Very cess balls "of lte immns, ater the regular O.E.S. meeting. 19 just cele- best. I For her daughter's wedding, I. Mrs. Lois Pinnel[ read a birthday. The ,The Al West Motor CO" Mrs. Heuer wore a cockail-oeautffm poem on RainlOws ,s in Rs most omplete shop facilRies in length dress of Dfor blue with I and Terry Engl sang "Thanks In August 1941 ,this area. They offer complete ........ i Be To God." o r. At that time " a race tmmce, three-quarter- one stop aubserviee including . _ ......... n I The O.E.S resented all the mildng ha.d n ' 'length meeves ana  snz e.ao " Front End Alignment, a corn- ............. re Rainbow GirIs with corsages ,,,o .n o,a o., ,., In skirt, ater acc essorse we then serve a them refrasU"e "- t'hlg rtl. "J .,_,_..._=_,..:,_._..... matching blue-and her corgel ....... _ ........... %.'_'_ house a ad- zac mere revery .e m a*- _ . ,u aam nawc-, uca build- mobile service that th don't of.garaemas. __ __ azurelJello salad and cake. Mrs. regory wore an fhe shop her week uuDcUt, nul n LA^llES . $.a au{o repair shop eatffred in aiver-pense there will be a of S, Charles, Mo., and paternal v in The Cffoa Free of $1.50 for adufts and 50e for grandparenare Mr. and Mrs. The e of 'ne Bible of wthich are  opened .only on a arger scale A conp]ete .And now something children. Andrew Bylo of Cula. Baptist Church are now being line of F-guson Farm Equip- r et ur We hope you will enjoy meet bigger will att a yo , __ ,m.e -- " Mr. and Mrs Alvin Tennison held temporarily a 0ff West ment wa.s handled until 1955. ,,m,# sc- ill be the ing acquaintea wm memvers, r n +- -,,,,-;- + 1  " - w...-. .. w  a e ,.roud ............  ,, main first oor east of Wad-GMC Trucks and Plymouth Auto Show m from ffffferent areas of the i autos have en sol-aha still :glgantie 1962 " _ .... i b rth of a daughter T.hursday orf's Store:-- ,uba at the Fairway Shopping evere weamer 9orps. [Sept. 21st. Everyone welcome. i:enter Parking lot. Watch The I -- ]are bandied along w Va31an Uba Free Press for details. RHONDA FIFE WEDS andInternationluRtil it wasScottdiscontinuedaS was I A/lc DAVID STERLING s year: Now upon completion WHILE VISITING Wlth Harold of 20 years operatmn te tru y Ieadows of Leasb'urg, he point-I MSgt and Mrs. J. D. Fife o fine car of ChrYsler dr-porat- ion  been added. The com- plete: rysTer line is now a most ivaporevant addition and !iii ed out the new construction; !i he new Post Office going up I apidly and sevdra new homes  teing built. Harold feeIs Leas- I l)urg is on the threshhold of  great new future. Mr. and Mrs. Maes pointed ut the steady growth of the i Leasburg factory fund with Jlloney from the REA meet pie ales l ,600" one whicl'e  entire personnel ',is proud to halve. hey- feel they ttave a vry complete line have always been very active i n community affairs. A1 West Sr. in addition to bein in- strumental in bringing h'W In- du.stry to Cuba also served 12 years as Mayor of Cuba. Though considerably slowed dow n in 1958 by a heart attack he still has a sincere interest in the affairs of Cuba as does his son A1 West Jr. Over the years this company has been an "important and active part of Cuba and they are looking eagerly fovard to their next 20 years. Rancho Cordova, Calif. announce the marriage of their daughter, Rhonda Jo Ann, to Air 1st Class David Sterling lowe of Los Angles, Calif., on Saturday, May 27th, 1961. #the bride was given in marriage by her father and chose as matron of honor, Mrs. Earl Bryer of Travis AFB. Her boosting it to around bride maids were Linda Fife, "l(sister of the :bride), Kathy Up- ton, Sacramento, Calif., Mrs. Jerry Fletcher, (sister of the - =r-r enti w lgroom), Los Angeles. Betty Ann rW IRUUI rM cho Card Moody of Ran ova .......... flower girl and Jerry Jon Fife l REGULATIONS PASSED (brother of bride)ring bearer. !Sgt. John Sczpeniak of Chieogo, 1 A new trou'permit regulation Ill., stood as the groom's best l by"'ne Colsr7tion man and ihs ushers were Rich- l . k new I 1A:eqg-:tr; ard Bennett Roseville, Calif., | g he " --- ,and LOuis and Thomas" Rowe, | ingler .taking trout to have a (brothers of he groom), from i | trout fishing permit i n ddition Los Angeles. The double ring |%o his regular fishingpermit, ceremony was performed by I It will cost $2 per year. !Chpla:in Williams of Mather |" CmmissinDirectrWilliamAFBcChb; chose a wdte ! [I " Towell said that the new regulation will go into effect formal floor length gown -lanary 1, f96, and pplies of nylon tulle over satin  " everyone, regardless of age, with over skirt of chantilly lace Who fishes for trout outside forming a chapel train. The [ Utensively managed ,trout-areas. neck line was high with sweet- IIAnglers who ih only at Ben-heart bodice and sleeves of [iett Spring, Roaring Ri-2 -and chantilly lace forming a poin Montauk Parks or a Meramec over ands. Her finger tip illusion veil of nylon tulle was 'handling  , ........ the West ,It., ..... d ' -ardenia corsage. !Stephens Ool:lege  " Colull, Wo has been here practically I Fore:t' Wayne Ricketts of Mo, and..Cornell College. .. since e b'glnning. Casper, Wyo., was best man. I The Drlaegroom ns ooul "Dhe owners of the company Ronald Ballard of Whiting, Ind, bachelor's and master's degrees and Robert Theile of Irlnda from the University of Missouri served as groomsmef_'Kenneth in Columbia, where he affiliat- Flandemeyer of concord[a, Mo., ed with sigma Ta u 'Gamma and Bruce Boyson seated the social fraternity and Beta Gain- guests. Rof)ert Vane was candle- ma Sigma honorary society: He lighter, l is employed by Peat, Marwick, A reception for 200 guests Mitchell & Co. in Kansas City, Mo., where the couple will was given at the Cedar RapidS imak e Country club'. their :home. Tvo comple|e arrangements Out of town guests atteding Iof white pompons and carnations the wedding incude Mr & Mrs. and a fountain wi.th floating Ben Gregory of Cuba, Mo., Miss flowers decorated the ring-Carol Badger, Park Ridge, Ill, shaped buret table, i Miss Janice Lagerstrom. Oel- For her going-away ensemble, wein; Miss Linda Kluckholm, the bride selected a tangerine Ottumwa. AUMNAL SEASON ARRIVES. Ozarks Begin FlamingFali Review "October's bright blue weath-for sight-seeing and, with the Idancing and simiPa"r-actlvity too anent settlement in the state, er', is almost upon us as sum-cooler temperatures, the pacelstrenuous for w weather rand the cottonbelt. mei'$ives way to autumn. Water of activity in--sea. Hunting,find autumn's cool days just[ In the between a---t. Louis skiiers, swimmers and sun-.and fishing are especially good right for active fun. Many ant Kansas City whm'h each bathers have all but distappear-in autumn. The archery deer resorts in the Ozark country have a full schedule of autumn ed om the scene after season runs from Oct. 1 through pla n hayrides, sequare-dances events plannef: The highlights !of the season will be Ge Veiled contributing" to- one of the Dec. 15 and the gun and rifle and winner roasts especmlly i ..... .... " ns r their autumn uests Phopnet Bali ana yarae n yr. bi stmlmer ffumst seaso deer season is rom Nov. 15 fo e g !- .... 4 an@ *'- oms on uc o me Missri has ever experienced, through "21. A ney regulatkm And for the families nearby!__ ,  :; Li-Es'toe- --" Amemcan loyat  v anu accg to reports reaching has been estab'lished this year who have already used up their ............... i'- - the :;Jissouri Resources and by e lissouri Conservation vacation time during the surn-!rseoaw m ,a  y , Development Oommission. With Commission allowing two deer mer months the utumn week-"-'%" "..'. -- fans ew I  .' - . In anmuon, spors may the n season, however, per person: one by firearms and ends are zdeal foV short szht-]reh ,1] or -rof;--o anothe-influx of vacationers one by bow and arrow. The seeing trips. Bemdes the Flam-,, *ball Th ^ .^''--^ - Will come to enjoy Missouri's Missouri quail season opens ing Fall Revue, there are ' " ,= ,,,, u w- F  ..... s0uri Tigers, winners of the famous laming  Revue of Nov. 10 with the closing date may scenic .and hzstorzc points .............  _.  v u:ange xmwl, wm play autunffnn color and to take part not yet set. Duek may be hunted of interest which may be i, Mm,,o .,m, m , r,,f, , in t any activities planned from Nov. 3 through Dec. 2,'especmlly enjoyed at this tim. -i ......... .... " rn " i u a, ur zlrst game oelng for 4he season, land geese from Nov. 1 through of year. In southe Missour ................ ' M oep. .o. xne t. outs 'oomau . ........... Dec. 30. The squirrel season are the rugged Ozark ountains  i ...... AS me xn" xnn oz zrost ,,Bf  11,  +,,,=u ,,,, ,,,;h -,,m,us clear.flowin waru nam Degan mew seconu tixtgeS the air, the green leaves 3 .......... rt nd fantastic under home game will be in Busch v ano tUbUleS may De uKen sprl gs a "a" will begl n o change into the - ;t, dmm on Oct 8 _ _ ' _ up through Feb. 28 of next ground caverns. In the beauti- " ' golaen, orange ana cmmson year t ful Arcadia Valley are the So pack up your bag and huesl. By Oct. 15-25, when,- " . ',,,,] .]hant "nek na head for an autumn vacation the ing Fall Revue reaches Lake of the Ozarks will Taum Saffk Mountain with an or week-end in Missouri where T Pring Park, where a daily per- attached to a tiKf'a- of seed it cnsK-I is chged,Will pearls. She carried white orch- I rtat be required to possess the ida attached to White Bible with t rout perit, he said. Youngs- | 'ters under 17 years of age do stephan.otis stxeamsf The Mat- t need | it und l hut mus | Towell  | tait is I +A(elp pa l rogram its , nearly every hillside feature autumn fishing this elevation of 1,772 feet, highest the Flaming Fall Revue  a and vley will be sporting its Ozarks will feature autumn point i a the state.  season this year anal their first own  of utdnn leaves, fishing with the second annual I ull schedule of activities will .... ..,+_,.:_----.^. run of honor and brides maids i tat need  ,s,a- xxm,g l.,J.-_,_^^, ,___, _=__ ..... r gu wns were it unuer curren regulations identical lace ov  ' .... er azieta in I Nature has .layly blessed Fall Fishing Rufi-up schedul-! Of specia''rest this year iadd zest to your fun. hUt must have a trout perm, irainbow colors of  orhid mint' pillow. Boutonierres of white attended leme%hY school a{ it he Missouri countryside with ed for the last week of Sep-will be the numerous Civil Wart .... Towell said theft a trou'er-'green, pink antTbrue. They wore'carnations we-e Wdrn. Leasburg and gradfited fror of many species and in ember and the four weeks of battlefields in Missouri. One I tlt is a revdne measure to lace head ands in hair to holdl Mother of the bmde Chose Folsom  Folsorn, Calif. autumn i each tree dfsplays its October. Weekly awards and of the most interesting sites is p -TA MEETI Mf' pay r increases in ou short veils to natch their for her . daughter's wedding class of '59 and  no'w employe own partiuclar shade of flaming grand awards totaling $7500 found in Lexington where the i coss. 'rProut fishing gowns. The carried coloniall grey lace over pink taffetta ,as confidential secretary at color, The sumac, dogwood and and trophies will be offered on battleground has eefi- made i Tf Rl: kfKllAY ; ar .... " ...... v. ,.,r,-- entirely a put and take oper- bouquets of white mums with!with matching accessories. The Aerojet General Crl. Airman sassafr e the first\\;to turn, largemouth bass, wall-eyed into a state park. N{ar-Spring- I tion and with mounting de- streamers to match their groom's mother wore a dress of Rowe ls the son of T. . Rowe, choking their colors from many pike (]a,k salmon), white bass, field is Wilson's Creek, recntlyl The Craword County R2 PTA I a ' dresses The Iittle flwer lrlmint green nyln ver taffetta ?. nds for tiut fishing, were  g" Death Valley, Calif, and Mrs luscious shades of scarlet, crappie, and catfish A Fall named a national bttlefield will hol .......... Harvey Wood of Los Angeles. Ne, lmrnon and soft Fzshmg Derby wzll be held at park. l of th a.. .... n+ ,) .. ad to increase laateherv adil- wore yellow chiffon with a :with matching-ccessories. Their : . . . . "  um enu meeung lties a trout production. These band of yellow rose buds in corsages were white Flrodarres. Airman R6we, graduate of Los maple tr-sport chartreuse Osage Beach on "Oct. 1. In the northwest is St Joseph, 7"30  m: -r ............ things take money ad allers her hair and carried a basket t A reception was heFd ollow-' , e  " ........ - " -" " Angels high cls of '53 ts.nowtth:iard mapples_become Many f amz.!!es wzll .n]o.y th home of the Pony Express and The theme for  October fishing for trout are gehallylof yellow roLg'petals. The i ng ceremony at Mother Nco erwng m e Air oree s:tatton-t  n every snaae rom specta mrm ot pmmcking, Jesse James; i" n ahe southwest, lmeeting will" I)e "Getting . Wiling to defray the cdsts. The groom and attendants were :Club with over a hundred ed at Mather AFB, Calif. Id:{'+  orange. Cotton- mmplete with eampfre and Springfield J<phlln and `+ the!Acquainted" is+our rs,n.o i armuat trout' permit fee will ormally attired in white uxedo guests in attendance. After a Mrs. Roweis a granddaughteri res and hiekriel wieners, amidst i'e f]mrdng fall new Table ,Rock Lake, the!|ty. ,le us 5"-Yontiue to support jackets with black trousers'.honeymoon to Reno and Lake of the l_te_ Ray Ree and i .golden,n . .Ho .rack riding an.d noreas , the Land of Mark t There will be classroom present trett progrn and]W!th .matching cumin, erbunds.,Tah+oe .t+hey will make .t.t.t.tlr _f.oan.a .. JOlm. /uen oi  oucneslmKm__g ak.. ve men" + .2.ais. and  Pollg Missolatiml ,t th mmm:lg. pa for antieilmted ex- Tne ring bearer was menticallyl'nome a+ J.., onroy baner.ap+. t. loms.. rs. tmen av,.emmCm 7 td--I rrn mrs.. &uttl. mS ana ZSslppl; and h ae .+$lyOUr chlld.,m and ge be said. -- +dremmml carrying a white satin 58, losevill-e, CEIff. Mrs. Rowe e weadmg. ] tmmm m zourl ,is Z et some wno tma enm, square- old Ste. Genevlev'e  pm-ed with their , ..... +:,..,+ ii:i00! / " 00(ii ,ii